Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wolf guards , by the time you see em , its time for you to die lol

So finished a few wolf guards this week (wow ive been painting like a boss lol in terms of speed at least lol )

the wolf guard pack in my 13th splinter warband has a slightly different approach on them compared to all the other great companies , in Warband "Ragnarok" any Grey slayer / Storm claw / long fang member , that has been proven in combat and are willing to leave thier own pack can join the Wolf guard squad of the warband , as there is no limit on numbers on each pack in warband "Ragnarok" , so even though warband ragnarok may not be the largest warband ever existed , it certainly have a more "packed" wolf guard pack.

ps: also note that some wolf guards are even "borrowed" from other companies (and of course from Logans company in particular , details or why this is allowed is unknown to outsiders, but some of these borrowed wolf guards can chose retain thier own company markings and even Armour themes) 

so heres the first batch ive done so far , all with different weapon combos to fit thier duty as wolf guard who leads different units or as what they see fit to use themselves

PS: there are a pair of Twin brother in this wolf guard lot who was recruited back in Fenris with the warbands last visit, see if you can spot them ? Thier Wolf guard "Thundera" and "Stormdera" , bringer of Thunder and Storm

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