Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Whats up Dawggggg ? lol Long Time no see

So its been years since ive wrote anything

heres what happened for those who fail to catch up :

  • finally graduated from Uni with  A Criminology degree
  • did some research project for Police 
  • finds girl
  • gets cheated by said girl
  • feasts and game a lot , mostly 40k and boardgames (looking at you game of Thrones 2nd Ed)
  • worked for a Tech supplyer company
  • met another girl
  • gets dumped in the most idiotic reasons
  • work got sent off to 3rd world country lol
  • got a new job from a Tele communication company
  • good farken times , met a lot of nice people there
  • finally moved back to HK
  • went on a Life coaching journey
  • lost 40 pounds
  • got a education cert for teaching early child programs
  • started a Interor design and Custom made furniture company
  • awakening my innerself / reflection
  • gained 20 pounds lol
  • started up a new school for early child playgroups
  • started a Art teaching school 
  • met another girl , could have told myself what trouble that was XD
  • of course it didnt work out , funny how some people are real ........ XYXXXYXYX LOL
and now , im back lol this blog has changed its direction from 40k mainly to NO 40K but with other miniature games and boardgames , plus movie / Anime reveiws (and sometimes Figures / toys)

What Miniature games im into right now :

1) Robotech RPG tactics (sigh i know i know) but the Macross Love man lol

2)  Flames of war (pretty much has everything but Brits)

3) Star wars Amarda ( dah lol )

4) Batman Miniatures (Yes two time Aussie Champ TROLOLOLOLOL)

5) TMNT kickstarter miniature boardgame

6) Walking dead all out war kickstarter miniature boardgame

7) Kings of war + historical KOW

Board games :

1) Game of Thrones

2) gotton into a lot of hex based war games lately like Old school tactical Vol 1 - 2

3) Onus! Rome vs carthage (that is super fun card based ancient battles)

4) spartacus (TV movie boardgame)

5) Sons of anarchy

6) Axis and allies series lol

7) Risks ( got a fair lot of different versions already XD)

and many more to lists lol

and there you have it , what happened , and whats going to happen , up next post is reasons on why i left 40k and pretty much FARK YOU GW lol

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Some highlights of todays game at my place , 12000 pts , Iron warriors teaming up with dark wolves legion , dark eldar teaming up with night lords lol

THE RELIC MISSION LOL ended in Tie on Turn 5 , thanks to that Lone berserker dropping the relic XD

 Turn 1 , the epic show down of the two sides lol
 Turn 1 the dark eldar player thinks this will be a easy game lol
 Look at that sexy landing pad lol
 Turn 3 the slaughter begins lol also 3 dinobots rapage lol
 Turn 3 the pad saw its first real use as a landing pad lol how ironic lol
turn 3  Dark eldar on the left flank faired good and has board control that area lol
 Turn 4 , 3 hell drakes epic got killed in 1 round of shooting lol
 Turn 5 , the blood shed cry them a river lol

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Star wars Goodness lol


As per picture , nough said lol

More LOOT 1/10/2013 lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

some games.........and also autobot city XD

                                                                     gaming at my place

                                                                     AUTOBOT CITY ? XD

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Sorry guys for the lack of update , but lifes been busy and i got a new job etc etc

but im back , and i will be posting a lot of progress on my armies of 40k and start to write 40k articles

but first lets starting APOC..........and you know what that means when wolf wants to do something

                                                 Who ever wins , The imperium Loses lol

                                                         COME THE APOCALYPSE !!! 

We have:

Tyranid Bio titan , Tau SDF1 "Rail tide" battle suit

UNIverse neCRON Engine , Chaos Darthstone Fortress

LOL X 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 , somewhere a imperial guard is shitting his pants seeing this lol

Yes i will be making APOC data sheets for those 3 special kids XD



Monday, September 10, 2012

Games day Australia lol

Well enjoy the picture , all 40k all the time lol (army on parade and gaming tables)

This one armies on parade lol sigh

 I voted for the below for best army on parade , using EPIC miniatures in  such a good way XD