Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brother from another mothe....i mean metal coffin lol

Now now , my new toy built and painted by my mate Trevy The Great lol

Brother "Wolf nommer" from my 13th company (my count as Bjorn from time to time) , boarded the splinter groups Battle barge when they docked for supplies on Fenris in the beginning  , fully magnetized (even the banner at the back) with all weapon options (even two CC arms just in case if i need to use him as a SW contemptor lol)

                                                          "Anyone wants Sush kebab ?"

            "No worry brother i shall block out the wind while you sleep it off the hangover XD"

                                           "These claws are made for slashing .......right ?"

                    "So tell me , ive fired 6 rounds , or 5 ? DO YOU FEEL LUCKY HAH , PUNK !?!?"

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