Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sneaky bugs and Squad Dread Jaw

So recently the motion detectors in my house have been going crazy (yes those ones they have in the Aliens movie) , so i pay a small visit to my hive fleet spawning pool and there ! lol THOSE DAM SNEAKY BUGS have been multiplying again , and this time the sneaky bugs were born different than the ones im use to lol

First we have the sneaky head leader of the bunch : Death leaper , and he seems to be feeding on guardsman lately , well fed guardsman in the matter of fact lol

 PS: that sneaky bastard is about to cut the com link while his flesh hooks is gonna jam the commander for a BBQ , while a poor guardsmen is already been taken care of by its tail lol oh a nice day for that fat sneaky bastard lol

Then we have some rare born bugs that has been experimented by the hive fleet , alternative lictor i assume ? well these seem to leap and climb much better than the original lol

Oh nearly forgot about these sneaky rats thats ive been playing hit a mole game with all day lol , these are some experimental bugs the hive fleet been making to improve the ravener specie lol and dam they might be blind but they are massive scary fast and big lol

PS: And no playing hit the mole game with these buggers is not fun when they come behind you and bite you in the ass lol

NOW , meanwhile whats going on in my 13th company ? Oh yeah , Third squad done by me , here it is , Storm claw squad - Dread Jaw , yes some Thousand sons and World eaters marines were harmed during the painting

PS: here i introduce Wolf guard "Doctori" , his a special lad you see , although being a wolf guard , he is currently under mentor from Wolf preist and the Iron priest from the company, and he has some personal take on both these jobs as an apprentice of both side of the job, (yes that chain fist is his Carnifex in which he takes geneseed from the dead.....yes not very orhtodox is he ? but who gives a FXXK his a SW lol) , both his arms are modified terminator arms if you havent noticed , as well as him having advance eye bionics for the job

(and  also rumored to start learning to control wulfen groups by the teachings of the wolf priest)

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