Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Whats up Dawggggg ? lol Long Time no see

So its been years since ive wrote anything

heres what happened for those who fail to catch up :

  • finally graduated from Uni with  A Criminology degree
  • did some research project for Police 
  • finds girl
  • gets cheated by said girl
  • feasts and game a lot , mostly 40k and boardgames (looking at you game of Thrones 2nd Ed)
  • worked for a Tech supplyer company
  • met another girl
  • gets dumped in the most idiotic reasons
  • work got sent off to 3rd world country lol
  • got a new job from a Tele communication company
  • good farken times , met a lot of nice people there
  • finally moved back to HK
  • went on a Life coaching journey
  • lost 40 pounds
  • got a education cert for teaching early child programs
  • started a Interor design and Custom made furniture company
  • awakening my innerself / reflection
  • gained 20 pounds lol
  • started up a new school for early child playgroups
  • started a Art teaching school 
  • met another girl , could have told myself what trouble that was XD
  • of course it didnt work out , funny how some people are real ........ XYXXXYXYX LOL
and now , im back lol with other miniature games and boardgames , plus movie / Anime reveiws (and sometimes Figures / toys)

What Miniature games im into right now :

1) Robotech RPG tactics (sigh i know i know) but the Macross Love man lol

2)  Flames of war (pretty much has everything but Brits)

3) Star wars Amarda ( dah lol )

4) Batman Miniatures (Yes two time Aussie Champ TROLOLOLOLOL)

5) TMNT kickstarter miniature boardgame

6) Walking dead all out war kickstarter miniature boardgame

7) Kings of war + historical KOW

Board games :

1) Game of Thrones

2) gotton into a lot of hex based war games lately like Old school tactical Vol 1 - 2

3) Onus! Rome vs carthage (that is super fun card based ancient battles)

4) spartacus (TV movie boardgame)

5) Sons of anarchy

6) Axis and allies series lol

7) Risks ( got a fair lot of different versions already XD)

and many more to lists lol

and there you have it , what happened , and whats going to happen , up next post is reasons on why i left 40k and pretty much FARK YOU GW lol

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