Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time to bring my wolves out of the Clos....i mean Warp lol

So its time to present some stuff ive actually finished (oh finally beaches lol) building and painting lol

my SW 13th company splinter warband "Ragnarök"


  A splinter warband from the original 13th Great company of the Space Wolves chapter , after disagreements with Wolf lord "Bulveye" after the events of the 13th black crusade (read "wolf honor" last book in the Ragnar blackmane series) ,

 captain (now self proclaimed Wolf lord of 13th Warband Ragnarök) "Wulfader" (Yes , it sounds exactly what it sounds like luke XD) lead a moderate amount of men from the original 13th great company to split off as a separate warband (unknown numbers as records are not available to imperial records)

  The original conflict that lead to this was unknown , but it has been rumored that "Wulfader" after the 13th black crusade decided its time to reconnect with the imperial records and perhaps join back the SW chapter or at least stay out of the warp for some reinforcement / resupplies in imperial grounds,

since Wolf lord "Bulveye" rejected the idea and stand firm that the company should continue to hunt down the Thousand Sons in the warp as that was the last order of leman Russ to them, "Wulfader" decided its time to split and take matters into his own hands, even though he tried hard  convincing "Bulveye" that reorganizing with the imperials would make the task easier.

"Wulfader" after took his man out of a warp hole (opened by Rune priest "Torvald" as his last help he can provide before leaving with the rest of the 13th great company to continue to travel in the warp) which brought them back to Cadia not long after the 13th black crusade has been concluded, while the Cadians were shocked to see marines wearing part chaos Armour and war gear (and pretty much Werewolves wearing Armour) suddenly emerged within the planet surface , later it was confirmed that they were friendlies (which is after some "action" taking place with the local PDF interacting with the situation)

  The inquisition was called in (of course lol), after hearing out what Wolf lord "Wulfader" had to say, Inquisitor "Victor Von Doom" decided perhaps the inquisition can use this opportunity for its own agenda. And thus with the arrangement of secretly sending warband "Ragnarök" back to the home planet of the SW "Fenris" for Resupplies and reorganize (it was later confirmed only a few wolf lords and Logan Grimnar knew about this and Grimnar approved of this arrangement under an unknown agreement that was given to Now Wolf lord "Wulfader")  , it was rumored this agreement had something to do with new orders and clues in order to find Their Lost primarch "Leman Russ"

After reorganize (that includes resupply of man power and addition to new members of the warband that are critical , such as new wolf priest and Rune priest and an odd inclusion of Iron priest) and resupply , the inquisition asked the new warband to meet in a uncharted planet in which Inquisitor "Victor Von Doom" finally showed his card, in return of the Inquisition accepting The rightful place of this new splinter warband and even the 13th great company itself from not being classified as heretics,

  warband "Ragnarök" is now accompanied by said Inquisitor and a retinue of Grey knights, while thier agenda of this is unknown , but it is rumored that Inquisition has plans when leman Russ is finally found, while Wolf lord Wulfader dislikes this arrangement , he finally accepts it in order to fulfill his duty as a SW  . In return , a battlebarge "Leviathan's Doom" was given as a transport for the warband and the Inquisition parties involved, as well as new modern wargear (such as tanks / Drop pods/ terminator armour etc etc) was included when the warband was resupplied on Fenris

  Now its the time , to set sail for the harsh journey to Find their primarch and to protect the name that is the 13th company from the hands of the inquisition , Wulfader sets sail in the new battlebarge , and into the WARP.

Who will make it out next time the barge comes out of the warp ? What other agendas does Inquisitor Doom have ? Will the GK and the Wolfs of Fenris go along in peace ? Whats the secret order that Logan Grimnar gave to Wulfader ?

Time will tell.....

 Now first up is Wolf priest "Stern hammer" , newly added wolf priest from Fenris to join the war band, expert in controlling Wulfen groups

Then we have Wolf guard "Thorgor" (count as Arjack rockfist) , expert in smashing skulls and taking name , his advanced terminator suit was modified on Titan and was given as a gift from the inquisition to the warband

Now we have our first Grey slayer (hunter) squad , squad "Infinity" , this squad are veterans in killing Thousand Son chaos marines, hence some of their armor are "borrowed" (like forever XD) from their kills, squad marking is an Infinity symbol , and thier chaos wargears are mostly taken from the TS (hence the paint theme)


Kyranzor the greatest said...

Heretics! Looting tainted Thousand Sons armour surely you would be corrupt beyond recognition by the spirits within O:


Gears Being purged and blessed by the Rune priest lol no problems XD