Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wolfs got new stuff to show lol NIDS / ORKS and my new pet lol

 So yeah been back from Hong King for a month now , haven't done much , but here's what i did do

1) First off my Tyranid SWARM LORD LOL made out of Alien action figure (yes the ball joints still work with the model head , arms , waist) , he can also be used as my tyranid prime (his base has two levels , the inner one is exactly the size of a 40mm base so i can still use him as a prime, i guess it shows better after its painted)

2) Then i have Some orks ive did for a friend....for free and his not even being appreciative about it.,.....but anyway heres a Mech boy in mega armor lol with combi weapon and claw , and that giant tool they use XD

PS: Also he does have a force field generator on its back too XD

3) Then 2 ork looted wagon with boom guns and other crap XD First one is based on the looks of a soviet KV1 tank , the other ones gun platform is solely made out of Space marine tank bits i have left over also the platform is magnetized XD

PS: Ork looters SOLD separately XD

(Secret level ) Now for those whos made it this far , i present you my NEW PET XD , yes It needs more METAL in its diet hence the monolith XD

Now what shall i do with him ? XD any ideas ? Nid titan ?

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