Friday, December 3, 2010

You call that a Tyrannofex ? THIS IS THEEEEE TYRANNOFEX !

Ok some new bugs

 The Parasite of Mortrex , with his ability to spawn me more "house cleaners" (well at least the victims who suffer from the Aliens coming out moment would rest assure that my house would be clean because of their sacrifice XD) , the conversion idea comes from the Godzilla series , one of the monsters named Biollante


Now to my actual house cleaner , the Parasite

NOW , TO MY SECRET WEAPON OF MY HIVE FLEET , the little and fluffy plus Cute TYRANNOFEX , as you can see where the Tyranno Rex (hint hint ..from the movie Jurassic park) idea of the model comes from , this little cute pet of mine is used for my future children's playmate XD

(ps: the Grey knight librarian is for showing scale of the model and is not my own painting)



Anonymous said...

I like.

The Independent Characters said...

these are looking amazing Whitewolf. I can't wait to see what they look like with paint on them.

Geeze each model must have cost a fortune in bitz! Clever use of pieces to make the tyrnofex gun as well! Well done.


Thanks for the kind words mate , i usually also post my work on 40k radio forums and the Deep strike radio forums

PS: check my other work posted here , some are ok to look at too