Thursday, November 4, 2010

Collective thread for Whitewolfs Hive Fleet Leo lol Creepy crawlies alike XD

So this is for my Hive fleet Leo , its gonna be painted like in the movie "star ship troopers"  warrior bug colour theme for all my babies like the picture below as an example of what they look like in the movie

(Not my work , just example to the colours ill paint them as)

First up ,

1) my two lovely ladies , Misses Tervigons , they are born twins and have gave birth to many of my baby gaunts for sometime now (although doubles is all i do every first turn they spawn......but anyway)

Both talons on front are magnetized so they can have crushing claws , and as you can see the baby attached to thier belly is also magnetized so to prove they can still give or not give birth . Also notice the cutom made cluster spines i made for these ladies XD

still working on thier custom battlefield base

2) Next up is my loyal guard dog , here here Mawloc come eat this postmen , the idea is based on the movie "Tremors" where those bugs look like , you can see i gave the pet no eyes but a lot of sensory organs (a lot of sensory tenticales and that two brain like things on top of the head) , also the back of the body is covered with talon to help it move under ground

Oh did i mention my pet has an inner mouth too ? you have too look a bit close inside the month to see

3) now to my mail carrier since all my postmen kept missing  , here i introduce you to my graceful harpie ! what ever you do just DONT FEED THE BIRDS .  Both wings magnetize in case i need to run another trygon prime , and the guns are magnetize too of course XD

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