Friday, July 16, 2010


Ok , so after receiving my Thunder wolves back from Trevy Link i wanted to take some more pictures of em being awesome lol (sorry barney i stole your line ><) These 5 thunder wolves are fully magnetized with their arms / weapons , and they are for my13th company XD

These guys are fighting on a demon planet inside the warp if you haven't noticed all the havoc victims lol

"I said dont come anymore closer !" Hammer time !

"Never have these Chaos scums die in such a fashionable manner , poled to death lol"

"Woot ? I said my wolf needs a play toy ! Didnt you get the memo ?" XD

"Move over , nothing to watch"

"IM ON A WOLF MOTHER FXXKER" (Some rap music steps  in which i guess all would know by now....well it involves a boat)

Oh my a lot of work for Trevy >< Good work


Hexeter said...

Nice looking Pups Wolf!

jcroxford said...

The wolves look great!